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VCR Camera

Dear Friend,

If you're looking for a high quality VRC camera that'll fool even the highly trained eye, you'll definitely be excited about this covert camera.

Safety Technology was able to pack and hide a Hi-Resolution camera inside a totally operational VCR! You can actually record video directly onto this VCR or get the wireless version to send the signal to another VCR.

This VCR camera works great as a nanny watching system. The unit operates so smoothly, you'll never know when its recording. The display screen is disabled so the VCR appears off while it is recording. You can plug this unit into any AC outlet & the system is ready. You can get up to 10 hours of recording time on our T-200 tape.(Sold separately)

Don't confuse this premium VCR camera with other cheap imitations that promise you long range reception. This VCR camera gives you the ultimate surveillance capabilities using high quality optics and the latest 2.4 GHz circuitry . Plus you get Safety Technology's 16+ years of security expertise built into this quality camera.

You won't believe how easy this camera blends into your surrounding environment. This is the perfect solution for those of your requiring the best in covert applications.

This amazing product is one of my hottest sellers since a VCR is standard in almost every home and nobody would suspect you've got a camera inside. This is my best VCR camera and the ultimate in concealed surveillance cameras.

If you've always admired James Bond 007 and his arsenal of cool toys, now's your chance to own one. When you inspect this premium product, you'll be amazed at the quality construction, sharp picture, and how close to the real thing it looks. Your subject won't even know they're being spied on!

By using premium components and the latest spy camera technology, Safety Technology's has insured that your VCR camera is built to last.

If you've been looking for the perfect VRC camera, don't procrastinate another day, this is just what you need.

Available VCR Cameras:

Black & White:

•ST-125G Wireless Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter •ST-125G-X Wireless Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter with X-Vision •ST-125W Wired Camera with Plug & Play •ST-125W-X Wired Camera with Plug & Play with X-Vision •ST-125W-V Wired Camera with VMD and Plug & Play

Color •ST-125GC Wireless Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter •ST-125WC Wired Camera with Plug & Play •ST-125WC-V Wired Camera with VMD and Plug & Play

Includes: •All 2.4 GHz transmitters come with a 2.4 GHz receiver. •All necessary power supplies and battery packs are included.

Options: •High Power is available with most 2.4 GHz transmitters and delivers unbelievable range. •X-Vision allows viewing in almost complete darkness, .003 Lux. Only available in black & white cameras.

Specifications: Image Sensor: 1/3" Sony CCD (B/W) 1/4" CCD (Color) Resolution: 400 Lines(B/W) 380 Lines(Color) Min. Illumination: .05 Lux (B/W) 1 Lux (Color) Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle Power Required: 12 V DC/110V AC

Due to high demand for this product, last month's shipment of this camera also sold out fast. But I have good news for you, I just received another shipment of VCR cameras just in time for the upcoming holidays. Right now, I still have 19 more VCR cameras that I can still offer at their promotional prices. Hurry and order your camera today before my current supply runs out again. When my stock runs out, I anticipate a price increase due to the high demand. Click now on the order button below to reserve your VCR today before they run out for the holidays!

*BONUS #1: Comprehensive Crime Prevention Report

This bonus consists of a whopping 35 pages of tips and safety measures you can take to minimize your chances of being the next crime victim. Here's just a portion of what you'll get. Avoiding violent crimes...burglary prevention...carjacking tips...holdup prevention rules...self defense tips...preventing rape...ATM not to get conned...public transportation safety...and much, much more.

This 35 page crime prevention report is normally priced at $29.95 when it's sold on its own. But it's your free with any surveillance camera purchase. Once you place your order, you'll be minutes away from downloading this valuable information for immediate use.

*BONUS #2: FREE Ground Shipping For Orders Under $500.

If your order is under $500, I'll ship your cameras absolutely FREE. After the first $500, I'll only charge you 3.5% shipping charge on the remaining balance.


As a special thanks for trusting me with your personal security needs, I send along my hot selling Spy Glasses ABSOLUTE FREE. This modern looking sun glasses have a unique can see behind you! The lenses have a special coating that allows you to look straight ahead and still see what is going on behind you! I normally sell these special sun glasses for $9.95, but they're yours FREE just for ordering with me.

*BONUS #4: FREE SPY SOUND RECEIVER - If you order one beeper camera from me today, I'll give you my popular Spy Sound Receiver(See picture below). This professional audio surveillance receiver can hear faint or distant nature sounds or listen in on a distant conversation. This is the perfect complement for your video surveillance needs. Great for surveillance, police, search and rescue, and those who have difficulty hearing. To protect your ears, very loud sounds are automatically limited. Adjustable volume. Similar models like this retail for $200.00, but I'll give it to you absolutely FREE when you purchase one wall clock camera from me now.

Could I get any crazier? Sure, why not. I'll "sweeten the Deal" Even More - I Invite You To Put All Of The Risk Entirely On Me.....

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you to buy from me.

First, if within 90 days after purchasing a camera from me, you find another webstore selling the same items and bonuses for less cost and shipping(auctions excluded), I'll refund you the difference plus 10% upon proof of their advertised price.

*Second, when you receive your sign camera, I urge you to test if out. If you're not completely satisfied with the attention to detail and the excellent picture quality, just call me up and I'll refund every penny you've paid. No Questions Asked!

And remember, this is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. You're free to return it next week, next year, or ten years from now.

The Comprehensive Crime Prevention Report, the Spy Sun Glasses, and the Spy Sound Receiver are yours FREE to keep with my thanks for trusting me with your personal security needs.

So if you're serious about increasing your security , you can't wait. You need to take immediate action.

Click now on the order button below to have your wall clock camera on its way.

*I'm available for you 7 days a week. If you should have any further questions, please don't hesitate to give me a call at (951) 733-1808 PST between the hours of 7:30-7pm. That's my direct line and if I'm not with another customer, I'll gladly offer my assistance.

Best wishes,

Robert Tom President

**P.S. Remember, you can't lose with my LiFETIME GUARANTEE and FREE bonuses. If this professional grade camera doesn't perform to your demanding standards, return it to me for a full refund. The Crime Prevention Report, Spy Sun Glasses, and Spy Sound Receiver will still be yours to keep. Click now on the order button below to have your cameras on its way!

Remember, when you buy from me, you get brand new merchandise, not any reconditioned or rebuilt products. Don't delay, click now on the order button below to start protecting yourself and your loved ones.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Your billing address must match your billing statement or your order will be not be processed. Orders over $100 can only be shipped to credit card holders billing address for security reasons.


" Dear Robert Tom,

Sir, as a repeat customer and business owner myself, I find it necessary to inform you of my complete satisfaction with my purchases. I found your products to be top quality, very reasonably priced, but more importantly, I was very pleased with delivery and quick, very courteous customer service response. I would hope all my business dealings would be this rewarding. I will be spreading the word."

Alexander "Sonny" Fantone
Hampstead, Maryland

FREE Spy Sound Receiver With Purchase of 2 Cameras - A $200 Value!pad
Black & White Wireless VCR Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter ST-125Gpad$577.60pad
Black & White Wireless VCR Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter with X-Vision ST-125G-Xpad$689.60pad
Black & White Wired VCR Camera with Plug & Play ST-125Wpad$417.60pad
Black & White Wired VCR Camera with Plug & Play with X-Vision ST-125W-Xpad$469.00pad
Black & White Wired VCR Camera with VMD and Plug & Play ST-125W-Vpad$998.40pad
Color Wireless VCR Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter ST-125GCpad$683.20pad
Color Wired VCR Camera with Plug & Play ST-125WCpad$523.20pad
Color Wired VCR Camera with VMD and Plug & Play ST-125WC-Vpad$1,156.80pad